Interactive 4K Touchscreen Displays From Newline and Delmarva Document Solutions!

Collaboration at Your Fingertips

Take your team to the next level with TRUTOUCH interactive displays. Use the Unified Collaboration (UC) software of your choice to enhance any lecture hall, meeting room, or huddle space. Hold a video conference, take notes during a meeting, or share a presentation all with your preferred software. TRUTOUCH makes collaboration easier than ever with its all-in-one design.

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Solutions That Move You Forward

TRUTOUCH by Newline

TRUTOUCH is designed with the user in mind. The intuitive user interface makes to so easy that anyone can walk up to the display and start collaborating – no training required! Connect a device to the screen or use built-in features to get your meetings started.

  • Fully Integrated Solutions
  • Ultra-High Definition (4K) resolution
  • Multi-touch for more collaboration
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Upload straight to cloud storage

Solutions for Your Industry

Solutions to move you forward

TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays by NewlineProductivity shouldn’t be about how long you spend in meetings, but how you spend that time to move your company forward. Newline Interactive makes meetings shorter so your company can come up with good ideas and immediately get to work putting them into action.

With the use of one interactive display, all the tools you need are right at your fingertips. Instead of using old, stained whiteboards that force you to constantly erase good ideas, work on an endless canvas that has no limits to what your team can come up with. Bring presentations to life with added media and the ability to make notes while you present. Share concepts and ideas with the whole company, whether they’re in the meeting or not, any way you want with the touch of one button. No need for tools that hold you back, now you can move forward with one tool that is designed for your success.

Training is crucial to keep all of your team members informed and updated on the latest information and processes. Newline Interactive allows you to put all training materials in one place that your whole team can access. Training is made simpler and more engaging, leading your company to more success.

You can’t control what devices your employees use. Whether they prefer Mac or PC, Newline Interactive is platform independent to make it easy for anyone to connect and share their next big idea.

Outdated tools mean outdated information and less engagement with your team. Technology needs to be able to move you forward. Newline Interactive is easy to use and made for efficiency. No time wasted looking for a smart pen or trying to figure out what’s wrong with the projector.

Clients and customers expect to be impressed. In a high tech world, you can’t rely on outdated technology. TruTouch displays coupled with IdeaMax software let you impress clients with state-of-the-art technology that works with all the latest devices, for a seamless way to increase interactions that lead to more sales for your company.

Your business relies on collaboration. Newline-Interactive makes it possible in a way like you never expected.

Tools that spark passion for learning

TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays by NewlineAs an educator, your goal is to help others learn and engage them in ways that expand their knowledge. Newline Interactive makes it easier to keep students interested during class with tools designed for better collaboration and more ways to learn.

We all remember the hassle of using projectors in class. It is tough to connect to devices, bulbs burn out, filters need to be cleaned often, and no one can see unless you turn off all the lights. Newline Interactive lets you keep the lights on to keep students engaged, and eliminates the maintenance hassles you have with projectors. Newline Interactive is completely platform independent and allows students to easily connect with any device they use to show their work to the class.

Allowing students to collaborate and be part of the lesson is easy with any interactive display, unless you lose the accompanying smart pen. To make it easier for your class, Newline displays don’t use smart pens. Any student can interact using one of our tech-free pens, or their hands. No smart pens mean it’s okay if a student accidentally walks out with the pen, your class can still continue to learn without limitations.

Collaborate with the whole classroom using TruCast. Give any students the chance to control the room, share their work, and collaborate with others. There’s no limit to how many devices can connect to TruCast, giving each student a chance to be a part of the discussion. Even students absent from class have the chance to easily catch up. Record and share anything that happens in class with students, so they don’t miss the lesson when they miss the class.

In this modern age, students are used to using the latest technology, and expect to see that wherever they go. Newline Interactive’s state-of-the-art interactive displays and software not only look good in a classroom, but provide students with the chance to connect using impressive tools and software.

It is your passion to teach. Newline Interactive gets students excited to learn.

Technology to help you win

The best teams need the best tools to move them forward for more goals and more points on the scoreboard. Newline Interactive gives you the tools to connect with your teammates and work towards a victory with every game.

Each teammate takes their own time to learn plays. Give each teammate the chance to learn the game plan with the ability to record and share every team meeting or presentation. It’s just one button between you and victory.

Teams of all ages expect to use the latest technology to succeed. Newline Interactive is state-of-the-art and designed with a sleek look that gets everyone pumped for game time.

Winning a game depends on knowing how to improve week after week. All of our TruTouch interactive displays are high definition and let you see every move. Get a closer look at each movement and know what adjustment your players need to make to win, no matter how small of a move it is.

You can’t use the same play week after week, but you don’t want to completely lose plays that have proven successful. Newline products give you the chance to annotate and make notes over old plays, come up with new plays, and find other ways to achieve victory without losing any knowledge you need.

Let each player be heard and have the chance to help the team. With TRUCAST, your whole team can connect their devices to share ideas and show what they think makes the difference between a win and a loss. Since Newline Interactive is non-proprietary, the whole team can connect with any device.

Newline Interactive helps your team go from the locker room to the field and on to victory.

Advancing your employees and your company

TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays by NewlineTraining new hires on the ins and outs of your company and training current team members on new processes is important to give everyone the information they need. Your company can’t afford to spend any more time than necessary to train everyone. Newline Interactive gives you the tools you need to spend less time training and more time working.

Most companies train people for money. This means the more time spent training, the less profit for your company. Newline Interactive makes it possible to put all the necessary information in one place where everyone can access what they need to know easily. No need to repeat lessons to people who weren’t there, because with Newline products you can record each training session and share it with anyone in the company with the touch of a button.

Training is a big part of business that often gets overlooked. Most information and presentations are outdated, making for less engagement. Newline gives you the ability to annotate on presentations and update material as you teach it, giving everyone the most current information possible.

People expect to use the latest tools available. All Newline Interactive is completely platform independent and state-of-the-art, providing more ways for everyone to connect and learn with any device. Newline Interactive is so easy to use there is no training required, so you don’t waste any extra time advancing your business.

Training doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. Newline Interactive gives you the chance to move your company forward with one device.

Working towards a brighter tomorrow

You get into government work to make a difference and improve the community. Newline Interactive gives you the opportunity to reach your citizens and work towards making changes that improve everyone’s lives.

The top priority for government is the well-being of people in the community. Emergency and disaster response are crucial to help people get the information and help they need. Newline Interactive makes it easier to connect with military and law enforcement faster and share information with all parties. Our products make it easier to collaborate and find the best ways to handle any situation.

A successful government depends on successful meetings and collaboration. Meetings that spend too much time going over information someone might have missed, or discussing issues that have already been solved don’t allow your government to move forward at the pace it should be able to. With Newline Interactive, there is no need to recap the last meeting. Instead, you can record each meeting and share it with everyone, including citizens, to give everyone access to necessary information.

People want the chance to be a part of their government. With Newline, host video conferences on your city’s website so everyone can see what happens in meetings, and give everyone access to what is happening in their community. It only takes one button to share information with every concerned citizen and give them the chance to engage with their community.

Newline Interactive is easy to use. Any member of the government or community can share their ideas to make life better for everyone. Newline gives your government the chance to engage with everyone and build their trust in their government.

Each government is dedicated to bettering their community. Newline Interactive lets you do just that more easily and with more involvement from the people.

Progress that saves lives

TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays by NewlineDoctors and nurses work each day to help people heal. No matter what the ailment is, each patient deserves the best possible treatment. Newline Interactive helps you connect better with your patients and discover new ways to help future patients.

Hospital turnover is constant. There are always new people, new procedures, and new medicines, creating the need for training. With Newline Interactive, all training materials can be in one place, so each time you need to teach anyone they have all the tools they need.

Patients want to feel comfortable with the people treating them and fully understand what is happening in their bodies. Newline Interactive tools let you show your patients exactly what is wrong with them, and makes it easier to engage and let them know what treatment they are receiving.

Timing is everything in the medical field. You need to know the issue with a patient as soon as possible. TruTouch’s high definition displays show everything clearly and let you work faster to heal injuries or other issues with each patient.

Each patient is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from each of them. With Newline Interactive, you can watch and make notes on videos of different surgeries, look closely at X-Rays and make notes on the image, and discover ways other doctors and nurses help their patients.

Medical emergencies happen all the time. And in those moments it is more important than ever to know how to inform and help the community. When medical emergencies happen, being able to connect with other hospitals and doctors is crucial. Newline lets you connect with any device on any platform and find the right way to help everyone in the community stay safe and healthy.

Your purpose is to save lives. Our purpose is to make it easier for you.

Tools for success

Your company has a lot of moving parts that need to work together to help move your business forward. Newline Interactive provides solutions that connect each part of your company and solves problems that get in the way of your success.

You have a lot of information you need to share with your employees and customers, and you need to be able to share it easily. Newline Interactive allows you to consolidate all of your information and presentations into one place so everyone can easily see, comment on, and share what they need. Increased flow of information lets your company keep working towards increasing yields and profits.

Understanding the ins and outs of your factory floor is important. Fixing faulty machinery, working to avoid injury, and addressing any other issues are just part of the daily concerns you have about how your business works. Newline Interactive’s high definition displays make it easier to see the complete layout of your factory and see where you need to make improvements now. No more wasting time and money trying to find the problem or fixing the wrong issue. Newline Interactive lets you find a solution faster so you save time and money your company needs to keep moving.

When you gain new employees or equipment it is important to train everyone on the right processes to be both safe and efficient. Newline Interactive makes training easier and more streamlined with the ability to include multi media presentations and let everyone have access to all of the information they need to successfully do their jobs.

IdeaMax software makes collaboration easier. Connect with investors, other managers, business partners or your employees with the touch of a button and find solutions your business needs to continue towards success. Newline Interactive allows you to better control processes that help you increase throughput for a more successful business.

Newline Interactive is the missing piece your company needs to be more productive.

Connecting you to your customers

It’s not always easy to keep customers happy, no matter how passionate you are about your product. Newline Interactive gives you the tools you need to provide a better experience to turn first-time customers into returning customers.

Technology is making it tougher to engage with customers. They expect to see the latest technology wherever they go, and want you to use that technology to make their experiences better. Newline Interactive gives you the tools to engage with customers on impressive touch screens and through software that shows them more ways to interact with your company.

Customers are constantly inundated with a lot of information and often, get confused. Give them streamlined messages and clear information with IdeaMax software that puts all the tools you need in one place. Ensure all your customers see the same message and help them avoid confusion when dealing with your brand.

Digital signage is becoming more and more prevalent. In malls, stores, arenas, theaters and more, consumers rely on digital information to engage them and show them what they want. Newline displays don’t just showcase information clearly, but give customers the chance to discover a whole new experience with your brand.

Newline Interactive is easy to use, so your customers will know exactly how to use your tools and what you can do for them.
We give you the chance to reach new and old customers on a whole new level.

Equipment to keep your community safe

Law Enforcement isn’t an industry you enter on a whim. You are driven by your duty to keep people safe and work towards a safer community. Newline Interactive is designed to make it easier for your department to know what it takes protect and serve the community each day.

Daily briefings are necessary to give the whole department the information they need, but sometimes officers need to be in the field. Newline Interactive makes it easy to share information from meetings with everyone with the touch of one button. Now meetings are shorter so your team can be where they need to be sooner.

Controlling the flow of traffic and safety of drivers is one of the most important daily tasks. You need to let others know the safest routes, and how to avoid traffic jams. Newline Interactive lets you collaborate with the whole department to decide the best ways to reroute drivers and keep the roads safe for others.

Newline Interactive is platform independent, making information sharing easier. It doesn’t matter what technology your department uses, you can share any necessary materials within the department or to other jurisdictions that might need it in order to protect others. Gather all the evidence for a case in one place, and share with any department that can help you find the bad guys.

Training takes a lot of valuable time and money your department could use for something better. With Newline, it is easier to present materials, annotate on presentations, and share new processes or information with the touch of a single button. Less time training means more time for your officers to do their duty.

In an emergency situation, you need to use any information available. TruCast lets every department connect and share information. Whether it’s looking over and annotating on a map to find a lost child, or knowing what to do in a dangerous situation, Newline Interactive lets you put an emergency operations system into one unit so each situation can be handled safely and successfully.

Newline Interactive is designed to make it easier for you to protect and serve your community.