Multifunction Printers & Copiers

Multifunction Printers & Copiers Salisbury MD

Multifunction Printers/All in One Printers combine the technology from multiple devices so that you only have to invest in one piece of office equipment.

MFPs and Copiers allow you to:

  • Color print
  • Fax
  • Print from network
  • Mobile print
  • Scan
  • Print special (double sided, booklet, etc.)
  • Finish (hole punching, stapling, etc.)

Multifunction laser printers can help your business in several ways: Cost management/control, efficiency, security and convenience.Xerox ConnectKey technology for multifunction printers is designed to benefit your business processes and workflow.

ConnectKey Technology for multifunction printers improves:

  • Cost control – ConnectKey technology keeps a record of the number of pages printed, ink/toner used, and intuitively makes decisions to save costs and resources.
  • Efficiency – Multifunction printers allow you to print, scan and copy documents faster and upload to different applications that you may want to use. Increase productivity with ConnectKey technology for multifunction printers.
  • Security – Features are designed to keep your documents safe from outside threats using encryption, key-card authentication system, etc.
  • Convenience – Combine your business processes with a multifunction printer. Streamline your office and combine mobile printing, scanning, and cloud technology for storage and remote access.

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