Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems in Salisbury MD

To be successful and sustainable in today’s business world, you need to get on board with digital technologies and software. For the office, one of the greatest innovations has been document management.

Document Management Systems

With document management systems, you are able to take all of your documents and store them in a cloud-based system, complete with folders and tags for easy searching and filing. In doing so, your documents will be accessible from within and outside of the physical office, enabling your workers to complete their work anywhere, anytime.

Reduce your reliance on physical storage (in filing cabinets and boxes), paper and supplies. Once you image your paper documents, you will be able to slowly cut back on the amount of physical storage you need to keep in the office.

If you have already implemented a document management system, we can still help! We can help you create an efficient method for getting documents into your system on an ongoing basis. To help with this, we offer the following solutions:

  • Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud
  • Xerox ConnectKey Scan to SharePoint
  • Nuance eCopy
  • ScanFLowStore
  • SafeCom
  • NSI Autostore

For more information on the electronic document management systems available or for how to scan and image your paper documents, contact us.

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