Document Imaging

Document Imaging | Delmarva Document Solutions

Taking your paper documents and storing them electronically can transform your office, becoming more streamlined and simplified. To do so, you must scan your documents. This process is called document imaging.

Document Imaging

Imaging your documents and storing them electronically offers you the following benefits:

  • Protection of your documents from disaster and destruction
  • Reduced reliance on paper and making copies of documents
  • Fewer paper-related supplies needed
  • Increase in mobility and accessibility
  • Reduced risk of filing error
  • Transform your workspaces and save space that was taken up by filing cabinets and boxes

Once in your document management system – cloud or network-based – your files will be more searchable and accessible, making filing and retrieving documents easier on your administrative team. Use your existing scanner or multifunction copier to digitize documents and store them electronically. Contact us to learn more. 

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