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Improve Your Document Capture Capabilities

Improve Your Document Capture Capabilities | Delmarva Document Solutions

If you’ve started using digital capture as a method of document imaging, Delmarva Document Solutions recommends you refine your strategy to make it as efficient as possible. Following are a few ways to do just that and improve your document management strategy.

Why Make the Switch to a Multifunction Printer?

Switch to a Multifunction Printer | Delmarva Salisbury Maryland

Making the switch to a multifunction device can seem like a large investment – buying new equipment and toner and getting integrating it into your workflows. Here are some of the benefits that offset this initial cost:

Save Space

Buy switching from dedicated devices – individual printer, scanner, fax machine, copier, etc. – to a multifunction device, you free up the space that all of your devices previously took up. You can now utilize your freed up desk and floor space for storage or a new workstation.

Can Your Office Benefit From a Multifunction Printer?

Can Your Office Benefit From a Multifunction Printer? | Delmarva Document Solutions

Most Maryland offices require certain equipment and functionality in order to help employees perform efficiently. For example, businesses in most industries require a printer, copier, and fax machine. Some businesses also need certain finish work on documents, such as collating or stapling. Multifunction printers, sometimes called all in one printers, offer many benefits that may be ideal for your office.

1. Functionality

Multifunction printing machines may perform many services, such as:

Trends Shaking Up the IT/Digital Industry

Trends Shaking Up the IT/Digital Industry | Delmarva Document Solutions

As more and more business are going digital, the impact on organizational workflow and processes are enormous. Here are a few trends in the IT industry and how the influence small businesses:

How Document Imaging Can Transform Your Office

How Document Imaging Can Transform Your Office

Document Imaging is a feature that allows you to scan your documents into an electronic filing system. Your paper documents can be organized, secured and searchable through an electronic database. Transform your huge filing cabinets into concise folders accessible through your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Ways to Streamline Your Workflows for Greater Productivity

Ways to Streamline Your Workflows for Greater Productivity

For a business of any size, streamlining your workflow can increase productivity, saving your company time and money. If you want to facilitate the growth of your business or improve the turnaround time that you can offer to your customers, optimizing your workflow could help. There are some simple workflow solutions that can be implemented to help manage digital and printing operations.

Got Two-Sided Scanning? Xerox Introduces Affordable, One-Pound Scanner with Duplex Features for Mobile Users

Apr 04, 2016 
PLEASANTON, Calif. —  

Bringing increased convenience and efficiency to mobile users, Xerox is introducing its first portable scanner capable of scanning two-sided documents in a single pass.
The new Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner, designed for use with Windows® and Mac® OS computers, allows continuous feeding of pages up to 8.5x14 inches for creating multi-page files of one and two-sided documents.

7 Print Rules to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

7 Print Rules to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Printing costs can easily get out of hand when left unmanaged. So, how can you improve print efficiency and reduce costs? Here are a few tips:

1) Create strict and soft rules within your device. While strict rules can’t be overridden, soft rules can be disregarded if necessary.

2) Set your device to automatically print double-sided. (As stated above, this can be overridden if you need to print a one-sided document).

Revolutionizing the Print Industry

Revolutionizing the Print Industry

No longer are printers and copiers the main focus of the print industry. The equipment on the market today offers so much more than simply printing and making copies if your office. Xerox document technology offers solutions like scan to cloud services, mobile printing, document imaging and workflow solutions.

Document technology will help you to manage your daily workflow and office management, streamlining your business processes. Combining different processes or pieces of technology, your workflow will be cut down to the essentials and cut out time consuming paper processes.

Changes in the Business Communications Industry

Changes in the Business Communications Industry

The print industry has seen a great change in the last few years with the increased use of digital tools. These changes have sparked innovations such as mobile print technology, cloud storage, and electronic document management systems. Not only have these advances changed the landscape of the office, with information often being stored digitally rather than physically, but they have also improved office efficiency. Here are a few ways that Xerox digital tools such as electronic document management can benefit your business: