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Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud Information Assurance Disclosure

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A Xerox Workflow Solution that connects a mobile workforce to new productive ways of printing. Printing is easy and convenient from a mobile device without needing drivers and cables.


The purpose of this document is to disclose information for the Xerox Mobile Print Cloud with respect to system security. System Security, for this paper, is defined as follows:

Xerox Chairman Details Areas of Focus and Outlines Growth Strategy

NORWALK, CT - May 20, 2014 - At its annual meeting of shareholders held this month, Ursula Burns, chairman and CEO of Xerox, highlighted the company’s solid financial position; the benefits of its services-led, technology-driven portfolio; and how the company is aligning resources and investments for profitable growth.

In her address to shareholders, Burns said, “Our Services business is our engine for increased revenue, our Document Technology business is the foundation that enables our future growth, and our culture of innovation permits us to think big. We are committed to delivering earnings expansion and are managing our cash in a way that’s building value for you for years to come.”


Data Protection: Understanding the Benefits of Various Data Backup and Recovery Techniques

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With the growing value of data as a strategic corporate asset, today’s IT organizations face the challenge of implementing reliable backup and recovery solutions in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. To meet this challenge, they need to carefully define their business requirements and recovery objectives before deciding on the right backup and recovery technologies to deploy.

Xerox and Dutch Start-up Share Prestigious Innovation Award

PARIS and LEIPZIG, Germany — Xerox and Holland Container Innovations (HCI) are the joint winners of the 2014 Promising Innovation in Transport Award.

Xerox receives the award for its Merge® system, a city-wide sensor based, smart parking solution that reduces traffic and congestion through guided parking with demand-based pricing.

HCI receives the award for their 4FOLD ISO certified foldable container, which significantly reduces the economic and environmental cost of empty container shipment.


Mobile Technology Tablets and Workplace Integration

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Executive Summary

Smart phones keep getting smarter. Applications for tablet computers are emerging at dizzying speeds. And the cloud that links them all is limitless in scope. Mobile computing is no longer a technology trend, but rather, an integral component of our business and social lives. 

As a result, businesses need to be aware of the benefits this might bring, how these technologies are being used, and who is using them. It is important to deliver solutions that make the process of using documentation on these platforms as streamlined as possible. 

The Changing Benefits Of Multifunction Printers

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Today business owners are doing their research when it comes to replacing their printing fleet. Companies want products that are eco-friendly, reliable, efficient and flexible. Companies are turning to standardizing their printing fleet to reduce network traffic, save space by consolidating multiple devices, lower cost and improve workflow. The most popular option for standardizing is multifunction printers (MFP). Demand for these devices has been on the rise increasing from 2.8 million in 2005 to 3.1 million in 2007. MFP’s are now offering a wide range of features to meet the needs of business owners.

Rapid Refill Now Offers Xerox-Branded Supplies for HP and Brother Devices

NORWALK, Conn. — Rapid Refill ink and toner print franchises now offer Xerox cartridges for HP and Brother printers to strengthen and expand customer bases in more than 22 major markets across the country.

Created and tested in an engineering center dedicated to replacement cartridge development, Xerox cartridges for HP and Brother printers equal or exceed the original equipment manufacturer standards in page yield, but at a fraction of the cost.

“It makes sense to offer a trusted brand supplier like Xerox as it enhances our mission to provide best-in-class print solutions and service,” said Lori Kiser-Block, president, Rapid Refill.


Xerox® Mobile Print

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It’s no secret that mobile technology has changed where and how business gets done. People work from virtually anywhere, and as mobile as our workforces have become, people still need to print conveniently – wherever and whenever business requires. That’s where Xerox can help with powerful and flexible choices.

Convenient Mobile Printing

From most mobile devices to almost any networked printers or MFPs, Xerox® Mobile Print raises your productivity anyplace your business takes you – whether you’re out and about or simply in another part of your building.

Avoid Poor Print Quality

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From day-to-day tasks to big projects and presentations the office printer is a staple for productivity. Businesses count on print jobs everyday and it seems there are only problems when you are in a hurry. Keeping your printers functioning properly and regular cleaning will reduce the need for maintenance calls and draining your budget by replacing expensive office equipment.  Printers range in size and functionality but here are some common tips to helps improve the printer lifespan and reduce poor print quality in the office.


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