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Xerox ConnectKey: Smart Solutions

Xerox ConnectKey | Delmarva Document Solutions

Delmarva Document Solutions partners with Xerox to bring our customers the best in office technology. Xerox products provide best-in-class document technology, and that technology brings big benefits to organizations. ConnectKey is one of Xerox's smart solutions. Here's what you should know about ConnectKey.

Xerox ColorQube: Go Green and Save

Xerox ColorQube: Go Green | Delmarva Document Solutions

Many offices that choose multifunction printers (MFPs) in general and Xerox MFPs, in particular, are seeking cost savings and greener practices. The Xerox MFP offers high-end, unique technologies like ConnectKey, giving businesses a competitive edge. Another unique Xerox technology is the ColorQube, a solid ink solution.

Here are some key points regarding solid ink's Cost Advantage.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Printer

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Printer | Small Business Printer

Fewer and fewer businesses are remaining wired: wireless connections are all the rage. Wi-fi has allowed us to do more on the go, work remotely, pull up documents wherever. Small business owners shopping for a new printer might be debating whether or not to buy a model that offers wireless network connection.

Finding a High Quality Printer

Finding a High Quality Printer | Delmarva Document Solutions

When businesses are looking for new office equipment, the typical considerations driving the search are cost and functionality. While these two are obviously key in choosing new office equipment, there is another important factor in equipment purchases: the importance of quality. High-quality printers and other office equipment make a tremendous difference in the life and overall cost of the unit.

Here is a guide to get you started in finding the best printer for your Delaware office.

Upgrade to a Multifunction Copier

Upgrade to a Multifunction Copier | Delmarva Document Solutions

Here at Delmarva Document Solutions, we talk a lot about multifunction printers (MFPs). Also known as multifunction copiers or all-in-ones, MFPs offer multiple functions and multiple benefits. Here are more reasons why you should upgrade to an MFP in your Maryland office.

Xerox Offers Security

Xerox Offers Security | Delmarva Document Solutions

Security is an incredibly important topic these days. With news story after news story about security breaches, many businesses are on edge and doing all they can to keep things as secure as possible. Delmarva Document Solutions is proud to partner with Xerox, a trusted provider and industry leader in security.

Here are just a few of the ways Xerox ensures top of the line security.

Buying a Printer for your Small Business

Buying a Small Business Printer | Delmarva Document Solutions

Compared to big organizations, small businesses have different needs when it comes to printers. If you are a small business owner looking to purchase a new printer for your office, here are some tips to help make the search a little easier.

See the Difference with Xerox Solid Ink

Xerox, Xerox Products | Delmarva Document Solutions Delaware

Xerox is the industry leader when it comes to your office needs. Xerox products are reliable and utilize the best advancements in technology, so you'll always know you are in good hands. One of the latest, greatest, and greenest in Xerox products available today is Solid Ink.

Why Solid Ink?

If you want quality and low cost, Solid Ink is right for you. Here are just a few of the benefits of Xerox Solid Ink:

Copier Battles - You Don't Have to Lose

Multi Function Copier, Xerox Mfp | Delmarva Document Solutions

As anyone who has ever spent hours fighting with a copier can attest, copy machines are often less-than-agreeable pieces of technology. One particularly familiar battle is that of the unfortunate streaked copies, making documents unreadable and photocopies practically useless. These streaks, the dark or light portions of color that look to be caused by toner imbalance, can have a variety of causes. If you're waging war on a business copy machine that makes streaked copies, read on--here you'll find some of the most common causes of streaks and their efficient solutions.

How Smart Can a Multifunction Printer Really Be?

Mar 10, 2016 — Multifunction, Software, Solutions
Xerox today announced it’s expanding what multifunction printers (MFPs) can do in the workplace through advancements to its ConnectKey® Technology. The 14 Xerox ConnectKey-enabled i-Series MFPs are equipped with ready-to-use apps to speed up paper-dependent business processes and make it easier for users to collaborate and work more effectively.