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Copier Sales FAQs

Copier Sales

Need a new copier? Wondering where to start? Here are some frequently asked questions about copiers.

What Kind Should I Buy?

There are a few initial concerns when you start shopping for copiers. Here are a few:

Need a Copier? Look to Multifunction

Multi Function Copier

Shopping for new office equipment isn't exactly fun. It can be stressful to find the right equipment that meets all of your office's unique needs. However, if you are in the market for a new copier or printer, consider finding a multifunction device instead. Unless you do specialized printing or scanning, your best bet is likely a multifunction printer (MFP). And, you'll have a machine that does numerous functions all in one, so you won't need to keep replacing several devices across your office.

Get Beautiful Color with ColorQube

There are many reasons why we at Delmarva Document Solutions partner with Xerox, not the least of which is the amazing, cutting-edge technology that Xerox products offer our customers. One product we can say enough about is solid ink from Xerox.

Beware the Paper Trail! Why Your Biggest Security Threat Might Be Right at Your Own Printer

When you hear the words “security breach” what do you imagine? Shifty eyed hackers, slouched over computer monitors in darkened rooms? Black clad cat burglars rifling through your files?

It will probably surprise you to learn that the biggest security threats don’t come from outside your business, but from within – and you’ll be shocked at who they are.

The greatest risk to your businesses’ security isn’t from those who wish you harm, but from those who are working by your side every day. The very same people who believe in your business and who are diligently helping it succeed can be the same people who pose the greatest risk, and they may not be doing it intentionally. Why? Two words: Paper. Trail.

Shopping for a Copier? Start Here

Copier Sales

Searching for a new piece of office equipment such as a copier or printer? Going into your search with some key information will help you find the right device for your office. There are several questions that you can answer to help you pin down your equipment needs.

Whether you want a copier, printer, or an all in one multifunction unit, these questions can help you determine your specific needs:

Solid Ink Gives Solid Results


Delmarva Document Solutions is happy to partner with Xerox to provide the best in innovations for our customers. In addition, we have a Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Whether you lease or buy, you can be assured that you're getting the best for your money. Xerox offers cutting-edge technology in all their products, giving businesses the opportunity to save time, money, and hassle. One of these great technologies is Solid Ink.


Next Generation Xerox DocuMate 152i Scans 40 Percent Faster


One of Xerox’s bestselling office document scanners, the Xerox DocuMate® 152i, elevates the unmatched performance of its predecessor by increasing scanning speeds by 40 percent and improving hardware specifications. This $299 document scanner can instantly digitize up to 25 double-sided documents in one minute. Once converted, the digital information can be securely saved as searchable PDF files on your computer or in the cloud; ready to be quickly found when needed.

Xerox ConnectKey: Smart Solutions

Xerox, xerox connectkey

Delmarva Document Solutions partners with Xerox to bring our customers the best in office technology. Xerox products provide best-in-class document technology, and that technology brings big benefits to organizations. ConnectKey is one of Xerox's smart solutions. Here's what you should know about ConnectKey.

Xerox ColorQube: Go Green and Save

Xerox, xerox mfp

Many offices that choose multifunction printers (MFPs) in general and Xerox MFPs, in particular, are seeking cost savings and greener practices. The Xerox MFP offers high-end, unique technologies like ConnectKey, giving businesses a competitive edge. Another unique Xerox technology is the ColorQube, a solid ink solution.

Here are some key points regarding solid ink's Cost Advantage.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Printer

Small Business Printer

Fewer and fewer businesses are remaining wired: wireless connections are all the rage. Wi-fi has allowed us to do more on the go, work remotely, pull up documents wherever. Small business owners shopping for a new printer might be debating whether or not to buy a model that offers wireless network connection.


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